Friday, June 10, 2011


One of my goals this week was to catch up on things that I let slide during the spring.  At the top of my list was to take a long overdue inventory of my undyed yarn.  It's a boring job, but it's really important to know what I have to work with when I'm getting ready for a big event.  I thought I had everything accounted for but decided to check one more closet.  

I'm so glad I did.  Look what I found.

A big bag of undyed merino/bamboo yarn.  I had completely forgotten about this yarn.  Finding it was a nice reward for all the time spent on counting and organizing.  I can't wait to start dyeing it.

Speaking of organizing my website has been updated to include the Sweet Bunting Cardigan Kit.  You'll find it listed after the Dipped Infinity Scarf Kit.

I'm always looking at color combinations.  Some work better than others.  This purple with bright green is my color inspiration for the week.

Iris waiting to unfold.

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