Friday, June 3, 2011

A Helping Hand

This spring we've watched as wild weather has wreaked havoc around the country.  Earlier this week here in New England we witnessed an amazing lightning show complete with wind and rain.  Tornadoes touched down in some areas.  There was devastation and destruction, but nothing that compares to the losses in Joplin, Missouri.

Virginia from Gather Here was moved by all the destruction in Joplin to do something positive.  She's sponsoring a fundraiser to raise money for Red Cross relief efforts in Joplin.  Take a minute to read about her fundraiser.  Then check out the list of prizes.  It's quite impressive. Consider making a donation to the Red Cross and enter to win one of these terrific prizes.  Thanks to Virginia for her compassion, time and effort in organizing this raffle.

I'm packing it up and heading to the Maine Fiber Frolic for the weekend.  This lovely event includes shearing, workshops, fiber arts contests and a used equipment area.  This is a wonderful family event.  Stop by if you're in the area.

Packing always includes last minute details - twisting and labeling skeins of yarn.

And making up a few kits.  Anything that's not ready this morning will just have to wait for the next event.

White.  Is it a color or not?  Lily of the valley provides my color inspiration for the week.

Sweet, delicate white.

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Karen said...

Well, of course it is a color - up against the lovely, lively green anyway. Have fun in Maine!