Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Escaping The Heat

It's officially summer, and the heat is on.  I've been brewing new colorways, and the dye pots are on.  I'm planning a new booth sample or three and finalizing shipping plans for Sock Summit.  Non-stop busy.

Just so I don't crash and burn, every once in a while I take a break from mixing, dyeing, planning and knit a few rows.  It helps clear my mind and keep me calm in the face of utter chaos.

The newest project on my needles is Simmer Dim.  Yesterday when I needed a break, I picked it up.

The center triangle was finished, and I was starting the mostly garter increase section.  This section has a 6-row repeat.  Should be easy enough.  Simple knitting with a few increases thrown in for good measure.  The one catch is that two of the rows are worked with larger size needles.  Work two rows with larger needles, work four rows with smaller needles. 

I made a mental note of it and highlighted it on the pattern.  Still every time I made the needle switch, I found myself second-guessing.  Two different size needles in my hand.  Where am I?  Every time I had to go back and count the rows to make sure I was using the right size needle on every row.  While this project may not be the most calming, it is a good distraction.

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