Monday, April 23, 2018

Just a Fling

I love a good neutral, especially gray . . . any gray.  I often add a neutral to projects with two or more colors, and gray is my first choice.  

A while back I made a conscious decision to expand my horizons and use other neutrals.

I had a good run with Wheat.

And Biscuit was more than adequate.

But when I cast on a new project the other day, I couldn't help myself.

Experimenting with other neutrals is fun and I'll do it again, but there's something comforting about returning to an old favorite. Reliable, versatile gray.


Meredith MC said...

I couldn’t find your Ravelry projects page and I’m desperate to know- what is the name of the pattern in the top photo? It’s gorgeous.

Meredith MC said...

I thought you should know I found the pattern name. I searched you Instagram rolls til I found it, and looked at that date in your blog rolls. It’s Purplexy. I’m casting on for a cowl version in about 10minutes. Yay!