Monday, April 16, 2018

Bright Idea

For many in Massachusetts, today is a vacation day, and for a brief moment I convinced myself I could take the day too.  It's Patriots' Day and Marathon Monday, so I started watching coverage of the marathon.  Before I knew it the morning was slipping away.  Not so fast.  Back to work. 

I've added a few events to the spring show schedule.  Take a look at the right sidebar for an updated list.  Be sure to click on the links for additional information.  

This coming Saturday is LYS Day, an opportunity to get out and support your local yarn shop.  To mark the occasion, I'll have a trunk show at Black Sheep Knitting.  Stop by if you're in the area.

I love when I have a bright idea, but often it's very last minute and doesn't come with a lot of extra time.  Late last week I took on a new project.  I'm smitten and can't put it down.  That's a good thing because I'm on a tight deadline.

As a bonus, this yarn is a perfect match for my new project bag.

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