Monday, April 9, 2018

Deciphering Scribbles

Over the weekend I decided to tackle a couple lingering second socks. It's the knitting equivalent of spring cleaning and somehow makes me feel virtuous.  Plus I want to cast on new socks and need empty needles.

Movie Knit Sock.  This second sock is coming along nicely.  The heel flap is finished and ready to be turned.  I took notes when I made the first sock.  Normally that's a good thing, but this time around I can't decipher my notes.  

I was working late last night when I discovered the cryptic scribbles. Maybe they don't have anything to do with the pattern.  I've been known to jot down random things on the closest paper at hand.  I went to bed and thought it would all make sense in the morning.  So far it hasn't.  Maybe I just need more coffee . . . 

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