Friday, October 21, 2016

Knitting Is the Remedy

Apparently I have a mild case of the Rhinebeck Crud.  This is the annual malady that strikes the week after Rhinebeck, and usually I'm able to avoid it.  I rarely get sick and almost never admit it, but when I sleep a solid 11+ hours and am still dragging, something's up.  

I'm not flat out in bed.  I've been chipping away at my to-do list and tackling items that don't require sustained concentration.  And when I need a break, I've been knitting.  It's usually the remedy for whatever ails me.

Black to the Fuchsia.  After working on this project intermittently, I'm finally making progress, and the colors are shifting.  My main color has become the contrast color, and the contrast gradient bundle is taking center stage.  Since I've had to adjust my work schedule, it's encouraging to make up for it with knitting progress.

This week's color inspiration . . . a parting shot from Rhinebeck.

Until next year . . . 

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