Monday, February 11, 2013


The storm that rolled in over the weekend didn't come without plenty of warning.  People were preparing for days.  By Thursday grocery store parking lots were full of chaos, and the bread shelves were empty.

Mother Nature delivered as planned with over two feet of snow. Blizzard force winds added to the event by creating impressive drifts. Digging out and cleanup continues today.  Many area schools are taking another snow day.

I would have been disappointed if this storm had fizzled.  A major snowstorm is cause for celebrating all things cozy with plenty of coffee, knitting and cookies.  

Being snowed in gives me hope that I'll catch up on work at my desk.

Being snowed in always includes plans for extended hours of knitting.

As I assess the damage this morning, there's still a backlog of emails, and the mountain of paperwork hasn't budged much.

But I did spend time with my knitting, and there's a new cowl under construction.

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Taos Sunflower said...

It sounds lovely. I've waited for years to be snowed in, for just such reasons. Great pics.