Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Unfinished Business

Sometimes circumstances force you to tend to unfinished business. Or in this case an unfinished knitting project.  

Now I'm sure if we were all honest with ourselves, we would fess up to having an unfinished project or six.  I admit I have a few lingering projects that need attention, so the other day I really had no business even thinking of starting something new. And I didn't, but not because I was virtuous and diligently pulled a project out of the basket that holds all those unfinished projects.  No, I didn't start a new project because one of the DPN needles I needed for the new project went missing.  And there wasn't a replacement readily available.

That trend continued into the next day when I was out and about.  As luck would have it I had some waiting time on my hands.  Prime knitting time.  I reached into my bag.  There was only one knitting project.  How did that happen?  Usually I have a selection of at least a couple of projects with me - that way I have a choice depending on the situation.  If I'm sitting and settled in the doctor's office, I can pull out a chart.  If I'm waiting in line at the Post Office, a simple sock is better.

It seems the powers that be want me to focus on one project and only one project.

And I have been.  This is the second of the Flatiron Clog Socks - a project that I started probably in late summer.  I give in.  I won't even consider another project until this is done.  That's fine - I need another pair of socks.  

Besides I should focus my attention on this rather than the distraction of a new project.

The Gather Here Fiber Trunk Show is this coming Sunday.  It's going to be a fun time.  If you're in the Boston / Cambridge area, stop by and check out all the fiber goodies.  With any luck I'll be wearing a new pair of socks.

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