Monday, November 14, 2011

Creative Crafts

Another weekend, another event.  I've had a string of booked weekends this fall, and this past weekend was no exception.  This was a weekend for the kids and their annual craft fair.

There were so many clever, creative items on display.  

Handmade beeswax candles.

And more candles.

This one is so beautiful.  I may not be able to burn it.

An adorable gnome family.

Complete with a mushroom.

A colorful fairy.

You can't see it here, but she has wild, woolly hair.

Small, detailed felting.

A mitten pin for my winter coat.

Late in the day I stumbled across some knitting.

Small scale knitting.  

And to top it all off . . . 

. . . a knitter for the dollhouse.  See that basket of yarn?  She even has her own stash.