Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Missing Mitt

I have a fall tradition of losing my fingerless mitts.  Every year I have a pair that I take with me as I travel around New England.  They go with me to every sheep and wool festival, every fiber event.  They keep my hands warm when I'm setting up, packing up and in between. The tradition is that somewhere along the way I lose them.

This year I added a new twist to the tradition.  I lost only one of the fingerless mitts.  I've searched high and low, rummaged through boxes and bins.  Somewhere out there one of my mitts is lost and lonely.

I make my fingerless mitts from the same pattern - Maine Morning Mitts by Clara Parkes.  I love this practical and quick knit, but I've come to the unscientific conclusion that maybe the pattern is the reason I keep losing my mitts.  So to test that theory I'm going to make a new pair of mitts using a different pattern.

I'm in the process of choosing.

I need a combination of two colors.

I'll contemplate the choices while I do this.

My youngest christened this day years ago.  Today is pie baking day.

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