Monday, October 18, 2010


As sometimes happens knitting projects are started only to fall by the wayside or to the bottom of the bag.  Such was the fate of my Sleepy Hollow Socks until I resurrected them.  I don't know when I started these socks - I should keep better notes.  I was enamored of this design when I started it, and it didn't fall out of favor when I put it down.  I think I encountered some kind of knitting emergency that moved these socks down a few rungs on the must-knit-now ladder.

In any event I'm one with them now and loving every minute of it.  The element of these socks that has captivated me is not the lace pattern throughout the leg or the seam-like ribbing down the back of the leg. Rather, it's the heel flap that doesn't require picking up stitches.

The heel flap stitches are to the left.  The section of purl bumps is the gusset that is worked right along with the heel flap.  While I can knit a heel flap and pick up the stitches in my sleep,  this all-in-one method requires a bit more concentration.  I'm completely absorbed by the process.  Very clever indeed.

The gusset stitches are set aside.

The heel is turned.

After a series of gusset decreases it's just a matter of knitting the foot.

I'm in the home stretch and already looking forward to starting the second sock so that I can repeat the process all over.  And I'll probably use this method again with other socks.

Since I have Sleepy Hollow under control, I rewarded myself with a new project.

Given my recent history it's no surprise that it's another shawlette. Details to follow.

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Taos Sunflower said...

That's a fascinating way to do a heel flap!