Thursday, October 14, 2010

Down On The Farm

Some of you may be familiar with Susan Gibbs and Juniper Moon Farm.  Susan raises sheep on her farm and offers the wool from these sheep in the form of a CSA (community supported agriculture).  The CSA model is commonly used with vegetable farms where people buy a share of the farm and receive produce as a return on their investment. Susan adapted the CSA model to accommodate her sheep farm.  People who participate in her CSA buy a share of the wool for that season.  After the sheep have been shorn and the wool spun and dyed, they receive yarn as a return on their investment in the farm.  

I first crossed paths with Susan when she had her farm on Martha's Vineyard.  Since then she has moved her farm to Virginia.  This week Susan and Juniper Moon Farm are in the news.  You can read all about it in Country Living.

In other farm news Barb Parry from Foxfire Fiber & Designs is running a campaign, Flock For Healthy Hearts.  As the survivor of a cardiac incident, Barb is working to raise awareness of women's cardiac risks and to promote healthy living.  Barb's campaign includes a giveaway. Be sure to read all about it.

I captured this cat in more ways than one.  The other day when he escaped through an open window onto the third floor roof, I rescued him. And then I caught him in one of his more reflective moments. You'd think he'd want to stay away from windows.  Cats and curiosity.

Shadow play.


MicheleinMaine said...

Oh, they are so deceptively sweet!

Betsy said...

The cat photo is an amazing piece of photography!