Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Update

This has been a week for dyeing.  Every day there's something new and exciting coming out of the pots.  Mid-week we had unseasonably humid weather that slowed the drying process.  It's crunch time for an upcoming event, and I have a schedule to keep.  There's no time for a lag in production.

Here's a sample of what's been brewing.  This one reminds me of berries mashed and mixed together.

Reminiscent of the summer gone by.

And a cheery blue.

Subtle variation with hints of green.

On the needles . . . I'm finishing the garter border of Yvaine. Mindless, comfort knitting is good at a time when everything else requires more focus and attention.  Out of necessity I started a new pair of fingerless mitts.  The cold, early mornings have been too much for my hands. Crazy as it seems I have been unable to locate one pair of mitts for myself in this house filled with wool, so the only option was to make a new pair.

I considered several patterns but time was a-wasting.  In the end I settled for an old standby that fits well, knits up quickly and is practical.

This is the beginning of a pair of Maine Morning Mitts by Clara Parkes. The yarn is Bartlettyarns worsted weight, colorway dark heather.  This hard wearing yarn with colorful flecks is produced locally here in New England.  These mitts are a great one skein project.  Note to self - it wouldn't hurt to have more than one pair.

Our neighborhood is gearing up for the festivities this weekend, my own yard included.

There's talk of adding lighting.  Every year our display gets more elaborate.

While I'm on the subject of spooky, take a look at this creation.  I am in awe of the detail - bones, vertebrae and even teeth.

Welcome to those who popped over from Knitspot.  If you have questions about yarn or anything else, you can contact me by following the profile link at the bottom of the right sidebar.

My color inspiration for the week comes from the neighbor's yard. There was a bold, dazzling display of color that lasted for a day or two. And then it was gone.

A reminder of how fleeting the season is.

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Cat said...

Where do I fi d your yarn to buy? I am interested in the Bertha yarn (my Mom's name) as I want to knit a present in it. How do I go about ordering? And finding colourways?