Friday, January 19, 2018

Last-Minute Scurry

Some things never change.  It's the day before a show, and I'm scurrying to pull it all together.  Yesterday I set up the booth at Slater Mill.   Alanis is off the needles and blocking.  I just realized I don't have many shopping bags, and I'm out of tape.  I'll have to make an expedition to the outside world later on.  First I need to make more coffee.

This is my focus for today.

Labels.  In the process I'm making note of random color combinations. I kind of like that Wheat, Raven, Wineberry combo.  I'll give it more thought another day.  Right now I need to print labels.

I found this week's color inspiration on a chilly walk with the dog.

Icy patterns.

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