Monday, April 7, 2014

Now for the Fun

Sometimes I find myself working on a knitting project that has a tedious part - a section or detail that takes longer than anticipated to complete.  It's either awkward or repetitive or just plain boring.  It takes an extra bit of resolve to get through a monotonous section, but I know that once I get past the rough patch, there will be fun knitting times ahead.  

And so I slog on . . . which is what I was doing over the weekend with my Biellese.  I was bound and determined to finish the border with its 100 ruffle ridges.  I set short goals for myself.  Work 10 more ridges and you're entitled to a fresh cup of coffee.  Or, work 5 more ridges and you can browse Ravelry for 20 minutes.

In the end all the cajoling paid off.

Ruffle border finished, 303 stitches picked up.  And now it's on to the slip-stitch pattern.  This is what I was waiting for.

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Betsy said...

The slogging appears to have been worthwhile. The border is beautiful.