Wednesday, July 31, 2013

On The Schedule

Somehow I thought there would be plenty of knitting time this week. The last two weeks were full of long, non-stop days . . . dyeing through extreme heat and humidity on a tight production schedule. This week was going to be my payback.

I had visions of uninterrupted time with my needles and bottomless cups of coffee.  There would be time to finish and time to start.  I should know better.  As soon as there was a break in the schedule, the Universe found a way to insert random appointments, household projects and travel plans for a teenager.

The early morning hours are still my own, and this morning I decided to make that time my designated knitting time.  Yes, it's OK to putting knitting on the schedule.  In fact sometimes the situation demands it. 

At 20 and on my way to 58.

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