Friday, July 12, 2013

Jumping Ahead

My Ravi Junior is moving right along.  I'm working on the sleeves but took a little break to assess the button situation.  Usually I don't settle on buttons until the very end - after the buttonholes are made and I can look at the whole sweater.  

I have some running around to do the next couple of days.  If I need to make a button stop, it would be nice to know now.  My first option for buttons is my button box.  I pulled it out and did some sifting and sorting.

It looks like I have a couple options on hand.  I do love button shopping, but time is tight.  I'll resort to that only if I can't make these work.  Full steam ahead with the sleeves.

My color inspiration this week is a combination of red, purple and yellow.

Potato medley.

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