Monday, July 29, 2013


Last but not least . . . one more new yarn in the parade.  My search for domestically grown and produced yarn led me to Johanna.  Johanna is a worsted weight yarn made from Targhee wool.  The Targhee breed was developed in the western US in the early 1900s.

Johanna is a soft, bouncy yarn with vibrant colorways.   By the looks of these two, I have fall on my mind.  This yarn comes in large, 250-gram skeins and has me considering sweater options.

For those who are interested, the name Johanna comes from my grandmother's great-grandmother.  Yes, a long time ago.  Johanna had an adventurous life and traveled from Germany to Africa (where she lost her first husband in the bush) back to Germany and eventually the States.  She was a resilient lady and lived to be 97 - quite a feat in that day and age.  Here's to good yarn and long life!

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