Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Name That Color

Dyeing yarn is fun on many different levels.  From choosing fiber blend and yarn weight to actually mixing colors - the possibilities are endless.  And there's more fun once the finished product is in hand. What should I name this color?

We play a little game around here called Name That Color.  It's a great way to spend an evening at home with the family, and it doesn't take as long as a game of Monopoly.  After I've been on a dyeing spree, I'll call for a round of Name That Color.  We'll sit down with the nameless colorways and start tossing out suggestions.  Colors may get several suggestions or only one.  

Then we work to fine-tune the suggestions.  At this point we'll use the computer.  The dictionary, thesaurus and Google Images are all helpful.  What does the color camel really look like?  What's another word for charcoal?  We'll either decide that the first suggestion was, in fact, spot on or that we need a new suggestion.  We go through this process with each color until they all have names.  There isn't a formal vote, and I don't hold out for unanimous approval of each color name. Consensus is the goal.  Since there isn't any scoring in this game, everyone's a winner.

I've been busy with the dye pots.

New yarn, new colors.

I think I'm ready.

Name That Color.


MicheleinMaine said...

Lettuce, cantaloupe, lupine and sky

Christine Lima said...

That orange is totally "carrot"!

Janelle said...

The green is very "honeydew."