Friday, July 1, 2011

Field Trip

I have a lot of work right now - dyeing yarn, shipping to Sock Summit, sample knitting.  In the midst of all this chaos yesterday seemed like a good day to take a field trip.  Sometimes a change of scenery helps clear my mind.

JP Knit and Stitch has been on my list of places to visit .  The JP stands for Jamaica Plain, a neighborhood of Boston and the neighborhood I lived in for many years.  In fact I lived just a few short blocks from the store. 

This past winter I anxiously drove by the store when it was under construction, waiting for a chance to check it out.  In the spring I would swing by but always on a day the store was closed.  Yesterday it all came together that I was in the neighborhood on a day the store was open.

For those who sew.

There are supplies and inspiration.

There is plenty of fabric to choose from.  It makes me wish I had time to pull out my scissors and sewing machine.

For those who knit.

There is yarn.

And more yarn.  A cozy corner equipped to entertain little ones.

JP Knit and Stitch has good lighting and a comfy area to sit and hang out.

They offer a variety of classes and have a welcoming space.  This store is a great resource and an asset to the community.

Best of all is this piece of work outside on the corner.

Yarn bombing complete with tassels and pom-poms.

The other day this bundle found its way to my home.  My sweet smelling color inspiration for the week.

Delicate wisps of lavender.

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KEHutchinson said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I live in JP too (moved here last year) and didn't know we had such a nearby resource.