Friday, July 7, 2017

I Should Have Known

The other day I started a new, 2-color project.  After I had both colors in play, I hit the pause button and took a little break.  

This is Pure Joy.  I was pondering the contrast between the two colors. It's subtle, and sometimes subtle is OK.  But is that the look I really wanted?  I took a quick glance at the Ravelry project pages for this pattern.  Often it's helpful to see what others have done . . . it helps me clarify what I do and don't like for a particular pattern.

This project is on a tight deadline.  I hated to interrupt the flow of forward progress, but I've played that denial game before - thinking I'll like it better if I just keep going.  More often than not I'm only delaying the inevitable.  Experience has taught me it's better to deal with it right away so I don't have to rip out hours of work.

After I thought about it for a bit, I made a color substitution.  And guess what.  This was my initial choice for a color combination when I started the project.  I should have known.  

Casapinka has designed a new shawl with Lillian and is hosting a giveaway over on Instagram.  Check it out.  The winners will be chosen on Monday.

Life isn't always like a bowl of cherries, but here they are for this week's color inspiration.

Dazzling reds.

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