Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Of Knitting and Chatter . . .

Last night I gave in to my lingering cough and stayed home from knit night.  I don't usually miss my Tuesday knitting group.  In addition to hanging out with friends, it's also an opportunity for concentrated production knitting time.  At least I always thought it was production knitting time.  After last night, I'm not so sure.

I settled in with my knitting at home.

At the end of the evening I had worked through 2 sections of Towanda. I really want to knock out this sample, so I was pleased with the progress.  But I started to think . . . would I have finished 2 sections if had been knitting with the group?  Probably not.  All that chatter has a way of interrupting the endless flow of stitches.  

Maybe knit night isn't the best situation for production knitting, but I'm not going to make a habit of skipping.  I'd miss all that chatter.  

A quick schedule update.  This Saturday I'll be at The Yarn Sellar Fiber Marketplace with a fun group of vendors.  Follow the link for details.

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