Friday, April 21, 2017

First Things First

I've learned that some things shouldn't be done late in the day.  For me one of those things is making color decisions.  Either I'm tired or the lighting is bad or I have to make dinner or the dog needs a walk.  It's a challenging time of day all around.

Yesterday I had planned to arrange some colors but before I knew it, the day had slipped away.  The dog needed a walk, and I hadn't even thought of dinner yet.  I put the colors on the back burner.

First thing this morning, after I started brewing my coffee, I pulled out the colors and got busy.

It took a few minutes for me to settle on this lineup.

And then it took only a few more minutes to make this happen.

A new day with fresh coffee makes all the difference.  Easy peasy decisions.

Little pockets of color are sprouting up outside.  This week's color inspiration . . .

A cluster of white.

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