Monday, July 11, 2016

Belgian Waffle Boomerang

Today calls for a do-over, but I've vowed to keep going.  My computer is being obstinate.  If I see that swirling beach ball one more time, I might lose it.  To add to my tech nightmare, the camera is being temperamental and uncooperative.  The only bright spot was leftover pie for breakfast.

On a positive note, I did finish one project over the weekend.

Belgian Waffle Boomerang.  I don't have a good shot of the whole scarf, but it is shaped like a boomerang.

This pattern is written to include different weights of yarn.  I made it with my current favorite, Bertha Sport.  The color is Pond Scum.

This pattern has great texture and makes a cushy fabric.  It's been my trusty companion . . . my on-the-go project.  Now I feel lost without it. There's only one solution.  I'm off to salvage this day and cast on something new.

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