Friday, June 10, 2016

When All Else Fails . . .

Despite my best intentions this has been one of those weeks where all my plans have fallen by the wayside.  Every day has been filled with unexpected twists and turns, but I'm trying to roll with it.  It helps to always have my knitting in tow.

Yesterday afternoon I was in the doctor's office for back-to-back appointments.  Nothing serious.  Just run-of-the-mill kid ailments.  
I leave all time expectations at the door when I go to the doctor's office. Finagling two appointments in one trip was very efficient on my part, but there was still a lot of waiting time.

I should say a lot of knitting time.

I finished one Merrily sock and cast on the second one.  I've salvaged this week with sock knitting.

This week's color inspiration . . . 

Gray-green texture.

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