Friday, April 22, 2016

And Now a Little Lace

The chaos of filing taxes is over, and I've succumbed to a slight case of spring cleaning.  Overall this is a good thing, but I haven't let it consume all my knitting time.  

I've been working on Noël in-between the sifting and sorting, and it's coming right along.  I had one messy picot I couldn't live with so I had to rip out a few garter rows, but since then it's been smooth sailing. The garter section is finished, and I'm working on the lace. 

The lace pattern mimics the garter pattern except for one row, so it doesn't require too much attention.  That's just the kind of knitting I need right now.  In addition to my little fling with spring cleaning, the refrigerator conked out and is beyond repair.  More cleaning.  I'm trying to roll with it.  The whole process has been a good excuse to get rid of those almost-empty mustard jars and unintended science experiments.

I had an extra dose of craziness the last few days so when a friend stopped by and offered to make scones, I didn't argue.  This week's color inspiration . . . 

Raspberry red.

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