Friday, August 27, 2010

Signs Of The Season

It's late August . . . the last chance to vacation before the fall frenzy. Everyone is away relaxing and recharging their batteries before the mad, crazy sprint to the end of the year.  Since I'm not vacationing, I feel like the kid who has to stay after school and clap erasers while everyone else is free to go and play.  But I'm making the most of my time.

The signs of fall are all around, some earlier this year than others. The leaves have been changing color for a while now.  I'm noticing lots of brown, dry leaves - the result of the parched summer we've had. There is evidence of back-to-school merchandise everywhere - even the grocery store.  The daylight is shifting, the temps are cooler. 

Before long it will be time to pull out the woolens.  Time to knit replacement mitts and socks.  Better do it now before the first chilly day dawns.  For pattern ideas be sure to check in with Anne Hanson at Knitspot.  She has plenty of patterns to choose from plus a new mitt under construction.

The acorns aren't falling just yet, but I came across these charming ones.  Click on the link - you won't be disappointed.

And pumpkin beer is available.

It's been on the shelves for a couple of weeks already.  So many varieties to choose from . . .

The produce at the farmers' market is changing - fewer tomatoes, more root vegetables.  We're savoring the last of our summer peach haul.

It's no surprise that my color inspiration for the week is . . .

. . . just peachy.


cjkris said...

Thanks for featuring my acorns on your blog!


Betsy said...

Pumpkin Beer - my favorite beer of all. Mmmmm......