Monday, June 12, 2017

A Knitting Day

Every once in a while I declare a knitting day, and yesterday was one of those days.  On Saturday I had a long, lovely day at Squam, so I was ready to unplug and take a day off.  No work, no email, no cooking.  I did a quick tidy in the kitchen and took the dog out, but that was it.

If I'd been more virtuous, I would have woven in some of these ends.

Note that I have another set of ends identical to this colorful mess. That's a lot of weaving in, and I haven't even finished the project yet.

But I wasn't virtuous.  Instead I knit my way through the day and made a few more ends along the way.

Starting Point MKAL.  The final clue for this project was released the other day.  I'm playing catch-up, and I'm curious how all of this is going to come together.  Today I'm still behind, but this was the perfect project for a day off.  Miles of striped garter with a bit of eyelet thrown in for good measure.

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