Monday, January 18, 2016

Snapshots from Slater Mill

I had a wonderfully hectic time at Knitting Weekend . . . the kind of crazy chaos that leaves me feeling inspired and thoroughly exhausted.

While I recover, here's a glimpse into this very special event.

A sock knitting machine from 1957.

A 1930 replica of a Crompton spinning mule.

There's a story here.  This very talented knitter snagged this
Jamieson & Smith yarn for less than $10 at a yard sale.  She set the yarn aside for a special project, and when she finally decided to use it, she designed her own pattern.  

She was inspired by Elizabeth Zimmermann's ideas on shawl construction and came up with this gorgeous shawl.  It was six months in the making, and she took careful notes.  Maybe one day she'll write up the pattern.

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