Friday, August 4, 2017

Just One

Right now all my projects on the needles are multi-colored with everything from gradients to stripes to sprinkles.  There's a lot of color play going on.

To bring some balance, my next project is going to be one color.  After dithering about color combinations for so many projects, it's amazing how easy it is to choose just one.  

Selecting more than one color can be quite a process.  First I pick several colors - maybe a dozen.  Then I pair them up or group them if more than two are involved.  Then I narrow down the choices.  There can be a lot of back and forth because every combination has its merits.  Sometimes I even do an informal poll.  Picking and choosing can be time-consuming.

It makes picking one color almost effortless.

Fall is coming.

This week's color inspiration includes high contrast.  I love the deep wine color, but the contrast caught my eye.

Vivd green.

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