Monday, September 12, 2011

An Evening With Annie

On Friday evening I had the pleasure of hearing Annie Modesitt speak at the Common Cod Fiber Guild meeting.

Annie is a self-published author and knitting instructor.  She taught herself how to knit years ago and was told more than once that she was knitting "the wrong way", i.e. combination knitting.  Simply put combination knitting is twisting the stitches on one row and untwisting them on the following row. 

Annie's talk was informative, entertaining, challenging and thought provoking.  Let me share some of her words of wisdom.

~ Instead of calling those who have just started to knit "beginners", call them new knitters.  There are new knitters and adventurous knitters.

~ We knit to make ourselves happy.  It's OK to admit that.

~ Knitting restores your inner sense of rhythm.  There is a certain calm that comes from knit, knit, knit.

~ A mistake is just a different way of doing something right.

Annie's philosophy is that there isn't one right way to knit.

Instead there are many different ways to knit with all of them producing the same fabric.  Find the style of knitting that works for you and follow it.

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